The Road to Zero-Carbon Emissions: Bioheat® Fuel, EL and Beyond

The fuels of the future are here


Today’s heating oil in Maine—clean, safe, warm and keeping us on the path to a sustainable future

Thanks to Bioheat fuel, oilheat is well on its way to net-zero carbon emissions. Learn more about Bioheat fuel, as well as the up-and-coming fuel ethyl levulinate (EL), which is made in Maine, from wood waste, here.

High-efficiency oilheat equipment can save you money


Clean, Efficient Fuel

With the latest equipment, the use of Bioheat fuel and innovations like EL, using oilheat has never been more sustainable, cleaner or more efficient.

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Pricing and Demand

Maine oilheat companies offer flexible pricing and payment options as well as automatic delivery, so homeowners and businesses never have to worry about supply-and-demand issues.

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Many homeowners in the Pine Tree State appreciate the responsive service, freedom of choice, safety and superior comfort that oilheat offers. And with the groundbreaking progress and significant changes taking place in the industry today, you can rest easy knowing that we are indeed on the road to a sustainable future.

The latest oilheat equipment, including boilers, furnaces and storage tanks—combined with cleaner, greener, Bioheat fuel—will help you save energy and money, and help the environment for years to come.