Bioheat® Holds the Key to Oilheat’s Future

Bioheat® Holds the Key to Oilheat’s Future

Bioheat® clean and renewable future maine

The combination of continually improving ultra-low sulfur Bioheat® with increasingly efficient heating oil systems is the 1-2 punch that will help homeowners with oilheat save significant money on their heating bills. At the same time, their homes will be on the path to becoming carbon-neutral.

Recently, leaders of a number of Maine’s local heating oil companies were among the more than 300 leaders from the Northeast’s heating oil industry who unanimously passed a resolution to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for heating oil by 2050. This means your oilheat will have a carbon footprint of zero. The resolution calls for a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, based on 1990 levels, by 2023, and a 40% reduction by 2030.

Heating oil companies in Maine are already delivering renewable liquid heating fuels and this resolution illustrates their ongoing commitment to help protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future.

Save money and help the environment with an oilheat upgrade

Today’s heating oil systems are incredibly efficient and tomorrow’s systems will boast efficiency ratings of 95% or better.

The latest oil boilers and furnaces are small, smart and super-efficient and can save you, on average, about 30% on your annual heating costs. There are many different equipment options to fit your budget and your local heating oil company has expertise in all types and models of oil heating equipment.

Compared to 25 years ago, homeowners now need an average of 500 gallons less oil to heat their homes each year. That’s because new, high-efficiency heating systems feature enhanced technology and control capabilities to provide optimal comfort while decreasing your energy costs. Another popular feature of modern, high-efficiency heating systems is that they operate significantly quieter than old heaters.

In contrast, heating systems from the “old days” were built with thick metal components that do a poor job at transferring heat. Unfortunately, many of these systems are still in use today and people who still use them pay so much more to heat their home than someone who has upgraded their oil heating system in the past few years.

Despite this potential for big savings, many people don’t bother to update their heating system until something major goes wrong. They don’t realize that a new, high-efficiency system could actually pay for itself in a fairly short period of time.

To see how much you can save with a new, high-efficiency system, reach out to your local heating oil service provider and they’ll be glad to crunch some numbers for you. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you could save.