Why is Heating Oil Getting Even Cleaner in Maine?

Why is Heating Oil Getting Even Cleaner in Maine?

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Our country continues to make strides in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and heating oil is certainly doing its part, thanks to vast reductions of sulfur levels.

By the summer, all oilheat dealers in Maine, as well as the rest of New England, will be required to deliver heating oil that contains an ultra-low-sulfur blend.

Facts about Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO)

Here’s what ULHSO means for you:

The oilheat industry is also moving forward on delivering Bioheat® This is a blend of traditional home heating oil and American-made biodiesel—a highly refined, clean-burning fuel made from natural sources like soybeans. Bioheat® is an important part of the oilheat industry’s commitment to bringing the cleanest energy possible into homes and businesses.

This is only the beginning. The quality of heating oil will get even better in the years ahead. And that’s good news for the environment and for your wallet.