Is It Time for Your Heating System Maintenance?

Is It Time for Your Heating System Maintenance?

Annual Maintenance Can Help You Conserve Fuel

heating system repair maine These days, everyone is searching for smart ways to save money. When it comes to figuring out how you can conserve on your heating oil usage next fall and winter, the key is to improve home energy efficiency.

One of the best things you can do is schedule an annual heating system tune-up with your heating oil equipment service provider.

Annual maintenance (also known as a tune-up), is typically recommended once a year. Not only does this ensure that your heating oil system is running properly, this preventive maintenance will ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency. In fact, a tune-up can help reduce heating oil usage by 5-10%!

But why do this now, when Fall is so far away? Here are a few good reasons.

Choose Your Appointment Time

It’s great to be able to choose your appointment time when you call your local Maine heating oil service provider for a tune-up. At this time of year, you will have very few obstacles standing in your way of setting up a time of your choosing—and your provider will appreciate it!

When the weather is still warm, you won’t be competing with people having a heating emergency or system breakdown to get an appointment. However, once the temperatures drop again, service providers’ schedules fill up quickly with unexpected no-heat issues.

These emergency appointments always take priority over other appointments, so even if you have a tune-up scheduled for early winter and that’s all you need, you may find yourself getting “bumped.” By that point, it will be much harder for you to get a new appointment time—or at least one of your choosing.

Tune-ups Are Built to Last

This may come as a surprise, but tune-ups don’t “wear off” after a period of time so there’s no reason to delay it until cold weather arrives. If you get a tune-up on your oil furnace or oil boiler in the spring or summer, it will last until you need to use the heating unit through next fall and winter.

And if it turns out that you need a more serious heating repair or a new boiler or furnace installation. you’ll have time to make that happen before the season changes.

Take Advantage of Heating Oil Equipment Rebates

If you need a replacement system, your heating oil company can help you qualify for heating oil equipment rebates and take care of the whole process for you. Funds are limited for this program and rebates will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you install new, high-efficiency heating oil equipment, not only will you use less fuel and save money, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment. Emissions from an old system that burns conventional heating oil can be significantly reduced by upgrading to a high-efficiency system that is powered by Bioheat® fuel with an ultra-low sulfur content. That’s the secret to why today’s oilheat is efficient and emissions are negligible. Bioheat fuel not only supports more efficient equipment, it also eliminates the source of many equipment breakdowns because it burns so cleanly.

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