Oilheat for Energy Efficiency

Save a Lot of Money and Energy with Efficient Oil Heating Equipment

Today’s new high-efficiency oil heating systems have enhanced technology and control capabilities to provide optimal comfort while decreasing your fuel bills.

Your local heating oil company can show you how to take full advantage of oilheat’s versatility. Speak with your local oilheat dealer and you may be amazed by all of the modern innovations. It’s vastly different than just a generation ago, when your parents may have relied on an old boiler that had been converted from coal to oil.

Oilheat is cleaner, greener and more economical than ever! The latest oil heating systems are small, smart and super-efficient and can save you, on average, about 30% on your annual heating costs. There are many different equipment options to fit your budget and your local heating oil company has expertise in all types and models of oil heating equipment.

7 Fast Facts about Oilheat Efficiency

  1. New oilheat systems now boast efficiency ratings as high as 95%, providing more warmth with less fuel than ever before.
  2. New oil heating equipment is much smaller than oilheat systems from the past. The average boilers and furnaces being installed today are similar in size to a three-drawer file cabinet.
  3. Recent studies show potential fuel savings as high as 48% when replacing an outdated boiler with a new, high-efficiency oil boiler.*
  4. Many new oil boilers now incorporate energy-saving controls that greatly reduce fuel usage by as much as 10% and provide a more even heat.
  5. High-efficiency oil furnaces now feature variable speed motors that use about 80% less electricity.
  6. Sulfur levels have been reduced dramatically and home heating oil is now considered an ultra-low sulfur fuel. This improves heating system efficiency and cleanliness and reduces emissions.
  7. The advent of Bioheat® supports more efficient equipment while also reducing emissions dramatically and eliminating the source of most equipment breakdowns.

How to Get Energy Efficient on Your Own

Besides relying on clean, efficient oilheat, there are many other smart ways to reduce your heating costs. Visit Maine Energy Facts for DIY projects and how to videos.

*Source: NYSERDA.