Heating Oil Safety

Understanding Safe Heating Oil for your Maine Home

heating oil safety maineFrom business owners to builders to future homeowners, many people have big misconceptions about the safety of heating a home with oil. But think about it: when was the list time you heard about a home explosion caused by heating oil? The reality is that home heating oil has an impeccable safety record.

In its liquid state, heating oil is nonflammable and nonexplosive. In fact, it takes an advanced high-tech burner to ignite the oil. Before combustion can occur, heating oil must first be vaporized by your oil burner at temperatures above 140°.

Are heating oil storage tanks safe?

Yes, they are safe and secure. And with an oil tank on your own property, you’ll have the peace of mind of having an on-site supply at all times. The expert teams at your local oilheat dealers are trained and certified to use heating oil equipment safely and properly. The latest heating oil storage tanks are virtually leakproof, and they’re corrosion resistant as well. Learn more!

Should I worry about carbon monoxide poisoning?

Oil furnaces and boilers present minimal risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Both types of systems have safety devices that will shut them off in the event of a malfunction. (And it should be noted that in most cases malfunctions are the result of skipped annual maintenance or attention to issues that require repairs.)
Still, it’s important to practice carbon monoxide safety in your oilheated home. Here are five common sources of carbon monoxide leaks to watch out for:

Please check your carbon monoxide detectors—and smoke detectors—regularly in order to keep your family, pets and home safe!

Getting your system regularly checked and serviced will ensure that it operates with optimum safety and efficiency. To schedule service, contact your local oilheat dealer and they’ll be more than happy to set up a service appointment.