Oilheat System Maintenance in the Spring

Oilheat System Maintenance in the Spring

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The key to saving energy and money is improving efficiency! And when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your heating system, one of the best things you can do is schedule your annual system maintenance.

System maintenance (sometimes called a tune-up or a cleaning) is typically recommended once a year. Not only does maintenance ensure that the system is running properly, but it will also ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency. In fact, regular tune-ups can help reduce heating oil usage by up to 10%!*

As part of their maintenance service visit, your oilheat company will do many tests to measure your system’s efficiency. What they find indicates what adjustments are needed. By doing this, they can save you money on your annual heating costs. These tests may include:

One of the best times to plan your system maintenance is soon after winter ends. So be sure to reach out to your oil dealer and schedule your system maintenance soon! You’ll be glad you did.

* Source: National Oilheat Research Alliance