Boilers & Furnaces

Improving Your Maine Home with a New Oil Boiler or Oil Furnace

Today’s high-efficiency oil boilers and super-efficient oil furnaces provide you with a wonderful opportunity to increase your comfort while decreasing your energy bills.

New systems heat your home using significantly less energy compared to older generation equipment. Energy-efficient equipment can be installed with controls to use only as much fuel as needed to heat your home or a specific part of your home.

Oil Furnaces: How Do They Work?

Furnaces heat air and a blower fan pushes it through your home through ductwork. Today’s furnaces include variable speed capabilities, durable heat exchangers, microprocessor-based controls and high-pressure flame-retention burners designed to drastically improve efficiency while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Oil Boilers: How Do They Work?

While furnaces generate heated air, boilers transfer water or steam heat to warm your home. This “moist” heat is sent through baseboards, radiators, in-floor radiant tubing or other sealed hydronic devices in your home.

Boilers run quietly and provide comfortable warmth. Because they don’t use fans or blowers, they don’t contribute to the blowing of dust, dirt or allergens in the air.

If you want to take advantage of today’s energy-efficient oil heating systems, your local heating oil company can work with you to design a new heating system that fits your Maine home and your budget. Find out how to save up to $500 with consumer rebates through the Maine Energy Marketers Association.