Stop Wasting Fuel…How to Save Money on Heating Oil

Stop Wasting Fuel…How to Save Money on Heating Oil

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Well, enough Maine winter come and gone. We saw everything from sub-zero temperatures to bomb cyclones to the month of March coming in like a lion with one nor’easter after another. If you had a modern oilheat system keeping you warm, you probably weathered the storm without too many home comfort problems.

But this past winter has also convinced other Mainers that it’s time to replace their old boiler or furnace with high-efficiency oilheat system that incorporates the latest technology, That’s because during periods of extreme cold, their old, outdated system simply could not keep them as warm as they wanted. (This is due to various factors, including system size, efficiency level, age, etc.)

For those in this situation, the natural response was to keep raising the temperature on the thermostat. But this didn’t help bring more warmth to the home. It only caused them to burn more fuel (and heating dollars) than necessary.

Save with up to $500 in rebates

If this situation sounds like yours, please start looking into your replacement options. Modernizing your home with new oilheat equipment is always a smart idea—and it’s even smarter right now because of Maine rebates that can save you up to $500.

Right now, you can qualify for a $300 rebate when you install a new oil furnace or oil boiler. Plus, if you would like to upgrade to a modern aboveground oil storage tank, you could qualify for a $200 rebate!

Besides these immediate savings, you will save money on heating oil for years to come. In just the last decade, there have been major improvements to oilheat equipment. The latest systems are small, smart and super-efficient, and can not only keep your home toasty warm, but save you, on average, about 30% on your annual heating costs (depending on the efficiency level of your present system).

Please visit our Equipment Rebates page, where you can download your rebate coupons and present them to your heating oil dealer at the time of purchase. If you would like to read more about new oil furnaces and boilers, go here. You can also learn more about the benefits of modern fuel storage tanks in Maine here.