We Fuel Maine

Members of MEMA Fuel the Economy

Since 1954, The Maine Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) has been dedicated to working on behalf of energy marketers and their consumers to educate and lead our state forward. We advocate for our members in Augusta and in the media, informing legislators and the public with the facts about Maine’s energy industry. MEMA is a nonprofit 501c(6) trade association.

By the Numbers

MEMA represents more than 300 members, including 125 heating oil, propane, biofuels and motor fuels providers, along with convenience store owners. Through education and outreach, our mission is to provide fair and truthful information to inform Maine homeowners about their home energy options. It’s a complex subject, and we strive to make the information we provide understandable and actionable.

There are more than 100 heating oil providers who deliver to customers throughout the state.

Members of MEMA own and operate 70% of Maine’s 1,300 convenience stores, selling more than one billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel, and distribute more than 90% of all the propane fuel sold in our state each year.

MEMA also has more than 175 associate members who provide goods and services to Maine’s petroleum dealers and their customers.

Collectively, MEMA members help more than 400,000 Maine households, keeping nearly one million Mainers warm and cozy.

We encourage you to visit the rest of the pages of this website and learn about how you can save energy, save money and get the most out of your oil-heated home.