Dependability & Service

Dependability & Service

A full-service oilheat dealer is someone you can trust

Maine homeowners who heat with oil were asked in an independent research study whether they trusted their heating oil company or other energy providers more. Homeowners chose local oilheat dealers by almost a 4-to-1 margin! Trust is the foundation on which Maine oil dealers operate, and they are proud to have earned the confidence of so many customers.

5 Reasons to Sign on with Your Local Oilheat Dealer

  1. They’re here for you. Your full-service oilheat company has perfected many ways to help you cut your energy bills dramatically while increasing your home comfort. Consider your Maine oil dealer your energy savings partner who takes pride in delivering service with a personal touch.
  2. Your supply is secure. During the heating season, your Maine oil company will always maintain and ensure an ample supply of fuel to make sure you are warm and safe throughout our often-wicked New England winters.
  3. You can count on on-time deliveries. Your local oilheat company can make life easier with automatic deliveries of fuel so you don’t have to worry about calling for deliveries or running out of fuel when you need it the most. When you sign up for automatic delivery, oilheat dealers use your fuel-use history and predictions for upcoming weather patterns to determine the most accurate time to deliver your oilheat. This prevents the risk of a run-out, which saves you the hassle—and expense—of ever needing an emergency delivery.
  4. They’re ready for anything. If your heating equipment needs service, your oilheat company will get to your home very quickly. The industry has built a stellar reputation for having 24/7 emergency service and quick overall response time. One tip: If you have an emergency, CALL your provider rather than emailing them. They might not be checking email every minute of the day, and a middle-of-the-night no-heat emergency requires their immediate attention.
  5. They offer flexible payment options. Your oilheat company will be glad to spread your annual fuel bills into manageable monthly payments—at no extra cost. Look on their website or ask about their Smart Pay or budget plan. Maine dealers also offer Auto Pay, where you can have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card. This eliminates the worry of missing or losing a bill, and makes life easier overall!

Have you heard about Bioheat® fuel?

While heating oil in general is moving in the right direction within the movement toward a net-zero carbon emissions future, one type of heating oil that stands out from the rest is Bioheat fuel. Produced domestically, Bioheat fuel is made of a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel that’s made from organic and recycled products. These recycled products include canola, tallow, fats, algae, soybean oil and used cooking oil.

Most home boilers, furnaces and storage tanks include Bioheat fuel in their warranties, and can run on Bioheat fuel with no modifications whatsoever. This fuel’s performance standards are ASTM International-approved. The use of Bioheat fuel cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

Energy prices will always fluctuate. But the reliability and commitment of your full-service oilheat dealer in Maine remains steadfast. Turn to your local Maine oil dealer to take care of you and your family—and to keep you warm and worry-free every winter—and throughout the year! Contact us today to learn more!