Why Heating Repairs Are Not a DIY Project

Why Heating Repairs Are Not a DIY Project

Leave Heating Repairs to the Professionals

home heating maine In our digital age, the first response to solving a mechanical problem is to research online. That’s why do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are such a huge trend these days. It seems like people of all skill levels and ages are viewing YouTube videos for a quick-fix way to repair whatever ails their home.

And, while it’s true that these days you can learn a lot on YouTube—especially if you’re handy around the house and good with tools—some home-comfort jobs should always be left to the professionals, no matter how many videos can be found online.

DIY videos don’t usually show us what happens when that amateur heating system repair doesn’t go as planned. Over the years, there have been some costly—and even dangerous—consequences. This is especially true when a homeowner begins fiddling around with complicated heating systems.

Attempting to repair or replace the delicate parts of a modern oil-fired boiler or heating oil furnace can result in a costly mess at best—and a danger to your family at worst—because of poorly executed DIY work.

Trust An Oilheat Expert

Servicing today’s computer-driven, high-tech systems represent challenges that only experts are prepared to manage. To get the most out of your heating system, you need to completely understand its ins and outs—and there’s no substitute for experience and rigorous, up-to-the-minute training to get there. Many fixes present unique challenges that often require expensive diagnostic equipment and extensive training to assess and repair.

Annual Maintenance Prevents Many Problems

Just like your car, a home’s heating system has a range of electrical and mechanical components that can wear down or break if you don’t follow your equipment manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

As a rule of thumb, scheduling equipment maintenance every year is often the best course of action, but that’s not always the case. Some heating oil companies will recommend scheduling a tune-up when you’ve burned about 1,000 gallons of heating oil.

So, for many homeowners, it just makes sense to tune up your heating system annually. But you might have a little wiggle room if you’re using Bioheat® fuel. It’s so clean-burning that it leaves minimal carbon deposits in your equipment. Therefore, it requires less frequent “cleanings.”

5 Benefits of Regular Heating System Maintenance

Getting regular tune-ups is the most important thing you can do to ensure your equipment runs as efficiently as possible. This is among the many benefits of getting annual service done. Here are five benefits.

To control your costs further, ask your heating oil company if they offer equipment service plans, which cover the cost of your tune-up as well as common repairs.

The Best Time to Schedule Your Maintenance Service

Spring and summer are the best times to get your heating system maintenance done. Here’s why:

Please reach out to your Maine heating oil service company if you have questions about keeping your heating oil system properly maintained.